Before Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib…


Ezra Pound, the learned American poet was arrested by Italian partisans in 1945 and handed over to the US forces, who held him for six months at a Disciplinary Training Centre near Pisa. For several weeks he was imprisoned in the so-called Gorilla Cage out in the elements, a poet on display. Finally they got him a tent. They broke him. He revealed the Axis Poetry plans.
Pound had lived in Rapallo, Italy and was way pro-Fascist. He made anti-American speeches before and during the Second World War and was considered a war enemy. He hated Roosevelt, Jews, and thought the Americans were going to lose the war. Well, Uncle got their hands on him, put him in a cage, convicted him of treason, stuck him in a looney bin. Helluva deal!
Read Elmore Leonard’s Pronto–Ezra’s in it big time!

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  1. Hmm, looks kind of like the guy we heard talk last night!

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