If One Person Thinks This is Funny….

I’ve done my job.
Under a purple sky, Venice California. Since there is no sky until noon, I took the liberty of coloring one in. This bastion of tolerance and creative people, where you can grow your fingernails as long as you want and leave your shopping basket in the middle of the street at two in the morning, has taken a huge step backwards by enacting these culturally fascist city ordinances. If I want to listen to the Sound of Music or Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima For 52 Stringed Instruments, I’m gonna.
Help me protest this dreadful decision. Pick up your violin and meet me on Abbot Kinney and California, the second Tuesday of next week. We will gather in the street outside of Abbot’s Habit and play the Threnody. When the cops come, we will will smash our violins, Who style. If a cop’s head gets in the way, tough. Not sure if Julie or Krzystof will be there. Jim will not be there. He’s still dead.

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