Ain’t it Darling?

I don’t use that expression often but I know a redhead who does. If she’d a seen this little baby Vespa Car on the sidewalk across the street from the new Weho Target Mall, she’d a said…Darling!
Big Ass Motors, 1022 North La Brea, West Hollywood sells a lotta cool shit including Vespa cars. You heard me. Vespa didn’t just make scooters, they made cars. Here’s the story about a 1957 Vespa 400 Microcar. Check out Bruce Weiner’s Microcar Museum. for way more. Lots of fun.
This is a 1958 Vespa 400 with a two stroke 400cc engine producing fourteen horsepower. The guy at Big Ass told me that Volkswagen was bemused by the Vespa Car and threatened to start making scooters if Vespa didn’t stop making cars.
This little baby is not meant for the streets of Los Angeles. It’s engine is irreplaceable. It can go 55 but would end being absorbed by some Hummer in Beverly Hills. But at $15,000, it’s cheaper than a Honda Insight and gets better mileage. It’s also an early gas/rubber band hybrid. Major street cred at the Urth Cafe.

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  1. Awwwww, that is sooooo DARRRRRLING! It’s heartbreakingly cute! We have to go to Big Ass Motors. What a great name. What a great car. Great, great, great! PS That literally would fit IN a Hummer!

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