Little Red Books and the Must Read

In a bold move, the French Government has placed bins on the street of Paris for people to turn in copies of the Little Red Book, the writings of Chairman Mao. In return they get a copy of Jacques Chirac’s speech, presenting the Insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor to Steven Spielberg.
Meanwhile, in Turkmenistan, President Niyazov’s has written a book called the Ruhnama which is a must read–you must read it, or else. He also renamed the months after himself and his mother. (At least he’s nice to his mother.) Read more about how much fun it must be to live in Turkmenistan and its Prez, a guy Rose would call a“goofpot.”

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  1. Hmm, there’s a trade. I think I’ll stay home and eat an egg.

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