Ivan’s Barbeque

photo by Ivan Suvanjieff

Ivan sent me this picture taken on his patio.

The subject was:

Hunting is a Sport?
His post: “for what, total wimps? Here in Idledale they just jump into my bbq.”

Ivan lives in a canyon about 30 miles from downtown Denver. Up the mountain are apple trees which the bears and elk gouge themselves on, then come downhill to have the shits.

Ivan corrects the old saw, “Does the bear shit in the woods” with “No, they shit on my patio.”

But he won’t be trading in his poop shovel anytime soon, it’s the price he pays to live in paradise.

The only times things get hairy around the canyon is when a buffalo gets loose from the City of Denver Mountain Park buffalo herd, and comes tearing through the neighborhood.

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