Japanese FU-GO Balloon Bombs in Michigan

Michigan Aviation Archeology On November 4th, 1944 a United States Navy patrol craft spotted something odd floating on the sea 66 miles southwest of San Pedro, California. When the object was hauled on board, it was found to be a rubberized-silk balloon. The Japanese called the balloon weapons Fu-Go (“Fu” being the first character of […]

Living with Skunks

William F. Wood How to coexist with skunks. You can live near skunks it you don’t alarm them. Several year ago, skunks started raiding my hen house for eggs. The hens were locked in at night so to gain access the skunks burrowed under the walls. I put a floor under the house to discourage […]

Squirrels Beware!

This sign is a reminder of a time when canny, literate squirrels ran wild on the East Side, tipping over Geranium pots and fornicating on electrical wires in an acorn crazed frenzy. Marty watched them with growing alarm and finally posted this warning.

THEM! — and a New Fridge

I don’t know what the relationship is between buying a new refrigerator and giant ants but here is proof that I didn’t just make it up. Many of the Fry’s Electronics outlets have movie theme crap decorating their stores but the one in Burbank ranks highest in my book because of some Fifties Sci-Fi stuff […]