Send Me Your Screenplay

Hi. I’m Seth the Shredder. Send me you screenplay, novel, short story, poems, laundry list. It’s all the same to me – delicious! Here’s an appetizing short story I buzzed through yesterday. I especially liked this tasty little passage.

Papa Joe’s Latest

Stalin has a new album out. Check out track 17. Who’da thought? I heard Track 22. “The One That Loves The Soviet Authority” the other night on KROC. It fit in nicely between Cold Play and Prodigy. Tracks include: 1. In The Far East – 1938; 2. Thank You Great Stalin! – 1937; Don’t Rush, […]

Blog Blues

My Movable Type site works great, Amy’s throws up Internal Server Errors – the dreaded 500 error. I’m trying to fix it before the Game. I lean toward Philly but I have no great love for either.