Cool Hat

I’m back from my hiatus. Actually I’ve been working on a new but by popular demand I must satisfy my public, and my private. This is a Dallas Businessman’s Special hat which is like the one worn by Lt. George Butler during the fatal transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the […]

Squirrels Gone Wild!

An example of the growing squirrel menace on the East Side of Detroit rears its cute little head . This particular menace to society is sunning and reposing him or herself on the side of the old oak tree, after a recent dumpster raid. Aren’t dumpsters designed to be squirrel-proof? Forget about it! Seems some […]

State of the Arts

Overheard in French at Christine and Elmore Leonard’s Christmas party, Advice Goddess, Amy Alkon discusses architecture and love with famed architectural photographer, Balthazar Korab.Their conclusion? Architecture is dead but love isn’t.