The Haldeman

The long awaited unveiling of “The Halderman”, painted in Rochester, Michigan in the fall of 1973, intended to be part of a series. I spent Watergate summer watching the hearings and sketching the witnesses. I only did the one painting of H. R. Haldeman, as soon I was sans studio. The painting measures four by […]

Detroit Winter – 256 Shades of Gray

Ah, Belle Isle Park in February. Pretty and Dreary. Here’s the same image converted to grayscale. Not much difference, is there? Here are the two color palettes. How’d they sneak that little bit of red and blue in? Feel sick or a depressive episode coming on? You may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Better get a […]

Mister Ed says….

H-O-R-S-E-S-H-I-T! Definition: Meaningless or insincere talk or action; nonsense. Unacceptable behavior especially ludicrously false statements. The 2004 election. Anonymous said: “If wishes were horses, there would be an easy explanation for all this horseshit.” Here’s a momentary obscurity called Check out Mister Ed Online, especialy the Mister Ed the Surfer episode.

Hey Joe – Where You Going with That World in your Hand?

I’m tired of Fundamentalism and crummy enemies. Bring back Totalitarianism! Where’s Papa Joe when we need him? Long live the defunct Soviet Union! Long live dead commies! Everybody Sing! Note to John Ashcroft: I’m just kidding. It’s a free country, ain’t it? It’s not like I’m talking about your buddy, Bushy-Boy, as my mother calls […]

Public Nudity in Paris? But of course!

I walked over to the Louvre one day to see what the fuss was about and it was closed! Helluva deal! Outside, I found this garden with all these statues of naked French broads. Actually, I’m not sure they’re French, for all I know, they’re probably Greek goddesses since they are striking those goddess type […]

Pretty Boy Lived Here

In January, 1932, Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd moved his wife and son into this frame bungalow on Young St. in Tulsa, a few miles north of downtown. A month later, the cops raided the house, but Floyd and his partner escaped. Read all about it in

The Grand Canal of Oakland?

Want to buy a new or used gondola or get a gondola ride? Can’t go all the way to Venice, Italy? Click up GondolaServizio in Oakland, California! They’ll hook you up. For the owner/operator, black pants, striped shirt, and straw hat are extra.