Elmore Leonard Four Novels of the 1970s Fifty-Two Pickup • Swag • Unknown Man No. 89 • The Switch

Blending gritty toughness and unpredictable violence with wild humor and an uncanny ear for the rhythms of ordinary speech, Elmore Leonard (1925–2013) was the most widely and enthusiastically admired crime novelist of his time. His genius for scene and dialogue led Time magazine to describe him as “a Dickens of Detroit,” and Newsweek called him […]

Ivan’s Barbeque

photo by Ivan Suvanjieff Ivan sent me this picture taken on his patio. The subject was: Hunting is a Sport? His post: “for what, total wimps? Here in Idledale they just jump into my bbq.” Ivan lives in a canyon about 30 miles from downtown Denver. Up the mountain are apple trees which the bears […]

Roslund and Hellström

He leads a double life. One with a beloved wife and two small boys, a family he will protect no matter what the cost. And another, secret life in which he every single day risks losing everything He is forced to of one of Sweden’s maximum security prisons, from the inside. It’s an operation assigned […]

Feeding the Pagan Babies

I bought my first pagan baby when I was nine. His name was Daniel James Click here to see My Certificate of Adoption as a Souvenir of the Ransom and Baptism of an Adopted Pagan baby named Daniel James. This is the outfit that ransomed Dan. They had orders from the Pope. My role was […]