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In January, 1932, Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd moved his wife and son into this frame bungalow on Young St. in Tulsa, a few miles north of downtown. A month later, the cops raided the house, but Floyd and his partner escaped. Read all about it in Pretty Boy by Michael Wallis. If you can’t find it anywhere else, Steve’s Sundries in Tulsa should have it, and other essential books about lawlessness and crime in Oklahoma. Support your independent bookstore!

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  1. Ooh, this is cool! Actually, you know what would be really interesting, and I’m not kidding — is to publish the research, complete with photos, behind all the books — in a coffee-table volume, complete with notes and coffee stains. I’m not kidding! I’ll pose in French lingerie as Kitty if you do it. Promise! Of course, I’ll have to go to Le Bon March

  2. “THAT” was coming, I mean. How come your comments don’t take HTML?! (See what a monster you’ve created?! Meow!) Oh…now I’m getting an error message, about malicious posting. I have only about 200 malicious bones in my body, but none will ever be pointed at you!

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