THEM! — and a New Fridge

I don’t know what the relationship is between buying a new refrigerator and giant ants but here is proof that I didn’t just make it up. Many of the Fry’s Electronics outlets have movie theme crap decorating their stores but the one in Burbank ranks highest in my book because of some Fifties Sci-Fi stuff from Them! and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Nothing comes close to the ants though.
Their Gort is cheesy and is holding a blonde instead of Patricia Neal. The jeep cut in half by a ray gun is OK, but then there’s some who-gives-a-shit Star Wars stuff, but man, those ants. You could almost feel their mandibles around poor James Whitmore when he sacrificed himself for the two kids in the Los Angeles storm sewers where the giant ants were living at the time, and are still living til this day, (It’s a massive cover-up out here.)
There are many reasons to shop at Fry’s: cheap hard drives, potentiometers and a slew of whizbang shit you don’t need. But it’s the ants over the stoves and refrigerators that keep me coming back again and again.

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  1. Amazing how some of us manage to get to Loehmann’s without a single giant insect in the place!

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